Santa Monica Children with Physical Disabilities

In Santa Monica, Children with Physical Disabilities may often fall under the radar, being left behind in schools and other public institutions. While many businesses now provide helps to allow these children to visit, use the bathroom and get around safely while using assistive devices, they many not have these same benefits in the Santa Monica school system. In addition, due to their physical limitations, these children may struggle with learning and may lag behind their peers in scores and general school success.

This should not be. Most all of these students have only physical limitations, which do not hinder their mental aptitudes. Instead, because of assistive devices or because of peer pressure, they are often looked down on in the schools and may not be able to get around the school or answer questions as quickly as other students could. In addition, they may struggle to see in class, to perform science experiments, to go on field trips and to participate in their classroom.

Representing Children with Physical Disabilities in Santa Monica

Our attorneys and paralegals at Newman Aaronson Vanaman believe that this gap should not exist. We believe that Santa Monica children with disabilities should have the same freedoms and rights that their healthy peers have and that they have a right to a free, public education that prepares them for their futures. They often need small changes made in their classrooms to allow them to learn in the right environment or to help them get around their school and the grounds.

Sadly, however, getting these freedoms put in place in Santa Monica is often harder than it should be. School districts throughout California are often strapped for money and may not have the budgets they need to make these changes even if they wanted to. In addition, school administrators may not see the necessity of making these changes and may think that things will be just fine as they were for the last decade.

An attorney from Newman Aaronson Vanaman can help Santa Monica parents fight these battles. No parent wants to feel completely alone in the fight for the rights of his or her child. We can step alongside them to answer legal questions, fight for them in the courtroom, debate with school administrators and file necessary legal paperwork. We understand and share the deep love that parents have for their Santa Monica children with disabilities, and we are on the family’s side.

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