Santa Monica Court Litigations

Over the decades, many laws have been made on both the federal as well as the state levels to ensure that all Santa Monica children are given the best possible educations within the local school district. In the United States, all children have access to free public education, and this includes Santa Monica special education students. Several laws guarantee this right with the most well-known federal law being IDEA or the Individuals with Disabilities Act. IDEA designates that special education students should receive FAPE, which is a free and appropriate public education. The term “appropriate” means that the education should be designed around this student’s unique needs and requirements.

Some Santa Monica students require modifications to their education, learning at lower levels than their peers do. Others need accommodations in the classroom or when testing to make up for certain disabilities. Still others need special services, such as tutoring or transportation to get them the best possible education and to put them on the road to success later in life. All of these needs should be discussed and resolved upon in the IEP meeting. However, if they do not, Santa Monica court litigations can sometimes arise.

Legal Experts at NAV Law Handle Court Litigations in Santa Monica

Santa Monica court litigations are needed occasionally to settle differences between the school district and the parents or the guardians of the special education student. During litigation, a judge will decide between the two parties, making a decision that is based both on current laws and on legal precedent. Because these courtroom proceedings can get long, confusing and disconcerting, we recommend that families work with special education lawyers who are well-versed in these matters.

Our attorneys at Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law have frequently participated in Santa Monica court litigations and know how to win their battles based on current laws. They understand special needs rights as well as the medical and educational needs of these students. When they stand up for a student in the courtroom, they are fully on that individual’s side, working to ensure the best possible education in a great environment.

When you choose to work with one of our attorneys, you are choosing the best route for your family and your child. You will know that you are never fighting this legal battle alone, and you will know exactly who to call when you have any questions or concerns. Contact our office today to get started.

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