Santa Monica Education Plan for Children with Special Needs

While Santa Monica has excellent public schools that provide great all-around education for the majority of its students, we at Newman Aaronson Vanaman Law Firm often find that Special Needs students are left behind. School districts are increasingly busy and beset with red tape; often they do not have the monetary resources or technological advances they require to meet the needs of Special Education students in Santa Monica and throughout Los Angeles County. Parents who find their children in these circumstances often turn to our dedicated attorneys and paralegals for expert advice and cutting-edge Legal Representation. As a full-service Special Needs law firm serving Santa Monica, we focus on all types of Special Education students, including those who are traditionally underserved due to socioeconomic status.

Providing the Best Legal Representation for Children with Special Needs

One of the primary ways we help Santa Monica Special Needs students get the education and educational resources that they richly deserve is by ensuring that they have Individualized Educational Plans that work for them. According to U.S. and California law, all Special Education students throughout the country are required to have IEPs that are looked at and revised annually. Sometimes, however, school administrators and teachers simply do not have enough time to spend on each of these along with the parents and fail to address the unique needs of each Santa Monica student.

Because we believe that each student is unique and has individualized needs, we make it a priority to work with parents and school districts to create IEPs that not only follow the current laws but also create the best learning environments for children. Sometimes, this may require us to go to meetings with the parents and school district representation. At other times, this may require meetings in our Sherman Oaks offices or even representation in a courtroom should we fail to win the rights that Special Needs students deserve in our offices.

We believe that Santa Monica parents should retain their emotional bonds to their Special Needs children. One of the best ways of doing this is by taking away the pressure that they find themselves as they work with school districts. They can leave the distasteful problem solving to us while they focus solely on the welfare of their children. As their children grow older, we can also discuss the possibility of trusts, conservatorships and more in order to help them guard their children once they reach adulthood.

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