Santa Monica High Education for Children Special Needs

Education is always a hot topic among parents. All families want to see their children succeed in school, but special education students are presented with unique challenges. They may not have the fine motor skills necessary to complete their assignments, the mental acuity or memory needed to succeed on tests or the social skills necessary to blossom in extracurricular areas. Nowhere is this more evident than in high school when students are called upon to begin making plans for their futures. These are the all-important years of advanced electives in math and science and the years when standardized and college preparatory testing become integral to success. However, special education students often struggle and feel as if they are being left out of the post-graduation foundation building. With the right Santa Monica high education for children with special needs, these students can not only make it through these years but also thrive during this otherwise challenging time.

Legal Experts Works with Families in Santa Monica for Higher Education  Plans

Our goal at Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law is to ensure that all special needs families who have students at this critical age receive the support they need from the school district as well as from any other educational, medical or psychological professionals with whom they work. Sometimes, these relationships proceed seamlessly. Other times, they need some help. When families need help working with special education professionals or with the Santa Monica school district, we are here to help.

Professional attorneys at Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman have years of experience in working with special needs clients, giving us the edge as we work out details with the Santa Monica school district and with high school personnel in particular. We understand just how crucial these final years of school are. We work with numerous clients every year who have special needs high school students who need help getting the right IEPs, the best accommodations or modifications at school, and the ideal preparation for college or post-graduation work. 

When Santa Monica families work with us, they can trust that we will be looking out for them and their special education children throughout every step of the process. We advocate solely for special needs students and can meet with school district officials, attend IEP meetings or due process hearings and represent families in court when needed. Contact one of our skilled attorneys today if you need help understanding the special education process or if you require legal aid.

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