Santa Monica Individualized Education Program

Setting up a Santa Monica Individualized Education Program is a multi-step process that requires parents and teachers to work together. Sometimes, other individuals may become involved in the process if parents and teachers are unable to work the concerns out for themselves. For example, at Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman, we have numerous attorneys who have years of experience in attending IEP meetings and coming to amicable agreements with school district officials. This is particularly important when parents disagree with the school district regarding necessary services.

Steps Toward a Santa Monica Individualized Education Program

The first step in the Santa Monica IEP process is that the child is identified by someone familiar with him or her as possibly needing special education services. This could be the parent, a teacher, a doctor or someone else. However, parents must consent to any future evaluation.

The second step is for the child to be evaluated. Initial evaluations are typically completed by school district officials, but parents may request an independent evaluation if they disagree with the results.

If the evaluation indicates that the child is eligible for a Santa Monica Individualized Education Program, an IEP meeting is scheduled with the parents or guardians. At the meeting, those involved will discuss the child’s educational needs and set goals for the upcoming school year. In some cases, the student will be present at the meeting.

How Santa Monica IEPs Help Students Throughout the School Year

During the school year, the school must follow the statements made in the IEP. Because it is a legal document, the services must be provided and any stated accommodations maintained or else the school will be at fault.

The Santa Monica Individualized Education Program will also list how frequently goals will be measured and will state how measurements will take place. For example, some students may be measured using standardized tests, but this may not be appropriate for all students. Once measurements are taken, the parents are required to be notified.

Finally, the IEP is reviewed at least once per year prior to the beginning of the next school year. However, parents or school administrators may request more frequent reviews depending on how the child is progressing. Parents can be a part of these meetings or may send someone, such as a special education attorney, in their place. Parents should know that they have a vital say in how the IEP is created. The most important thing to remember is that Santa Monica IEPs are designed to fit unique needs.

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