Santa Monica Learning Disability

Getting your child through school can seem like a daunting prospect. Choosing among the many educational choices and determining what is best for your child may make you feel nervous or may scare you that you are making the wrong choice. You have to decide among public, private, and homeschool. You may also have to make decisions about transportation to school, extracurricular activities, homework times and school lunches. When you add in a child who has a Santa Monica learning disability, this can make your decisions even more difficult.

Adapting Education for Children with Learning Disabilities

A learning disability means that your child should qualify for special education services through the public school in Santa Monica. This is guaranteed for children with documented special needs or learning disabilities through the United States and California law. Laws, such as IDEA and FAPE, ensure this, and further legal cases help set legal precedents for the continuation of ideal special educational services.

However, many parents feel as if they are not getting the help that they need for their children with Santa Monica learning disabilities. They may feel that the assessment was not thorough enough or that their children have been denied special services that they need. They may also feel that the special needs services that have been provided are not enough and that their children are not able to live up to their potential.

Legal Representation for Families in Santa Monica

When these problems occur, you need to have a dedicated professional on your side. At Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law, we have a team of special education attorneys who can help you through every step of your child’s educational process. We can give you information about current laws, help you walk through the process of working with your school district, help you create an IEP with the help of your school district and help you in court should your case require this. Many times, parents come to us complaining that they are not getting the results they want from their Santa Monica school district. We can help you get great results by representing you at IEP meetings.

Parents no longer have to feel that they are alone in the process of dealing with their child’s learning disability in Santa Monica. Our special education attorneys love to help families just like you find their perfect schools and their greatest IEP possible that will help their children find their best potential for future success.

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