Santa Monica Legal Guardianship

Are you confused about whether or not your child may need a Santa Monica legal guardian? If so, we are here to help you by giving you information about when you might need a guardian for your child, who you should find to be the guardian and how you should go about the process. At Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman, we believe that your special needs child is the top priority, and we are here to serve his or her many educational and legal needs.

  • First, how do you know when your child needs a Santa Monica legal guardianship? Children who need legal guardians are those who have reached the age of 18 but who do not have the capacity to make some or all decisions for themselves. They may need help with personal matters, such as determining their housing and personal care, or they may need help with financial and legal matters, such as with paying bills. Those who need help with both types of decisions will need full guardianships over them.
  • Second, who is the best person to be the legal guardian in Santa Monica? Many people would say that the parents or another close family relative, such as an older sibling, would be the best guardian. This is often the case. However, in some cases, these individuals may not be able to carry out their responsibilities fully due to other duties. Being a guardian requires a great deal of time and energy, and the person who accepts this duty must be ready to take on the full extent of responsibilities.
  • Finally, what does the process look like to become a Santa Monica legal guardian? This usually begins by filing paperwork with the state of California. The paperwork will detail who is applying to be the guardian among other matters. Once the papers are filed, a court date will be set. A judge will be the person to appoint the official guardian or to choose a third party appointed by the state. Each year, new paperwork must be filed to retain guardianship.

Our special needs attorneys can help with every facet of this process, from start to finish. We understand the unique needs that special needs individuals have, especially when they reach adulthood. If you are concerned that your child is cared for appropriately in legal and educational matters through childhood and into adulthood, contact us today for legal guidance.

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