Santa Monica Psychological Assessments

Santa Monica Psychological Assessments can fill parents and children with fear. They may not know what to expect and may feel as if they are being put on the spot. All psychological assessments for minor children must first have a parental consent. If you are a parent who feels concerned about giving your consent for this, read on to learn more about this procedure.

Reasons for Psychological Assessment for Santa Monica Children with Special Needs

Santa Monica Psychological Assessments must be completed before children can be considered for special education resources. The school psychologist is usually the individual responsible for handling this matter although occasionally a private psychologist may be used at the parents’ request. The evaluation must show that the child needs special education resources or classrooms in order to succeed in school. It may also make recommendations for social settings and learning styles. The assessment may be requested by the parents, the school personnel or even the student.

These assessments may make use of a variety of tests, rating scales and interviews depending on the school district. The exact model used depends on the school district and on the preferences of the psychologist. The procedure should match the problem behaviors of the child, such as measuring academic achievement to determine cognitive disabilities. Standardized tests are frequently used to see how a child compares to his or her peer group. Interviews and direct observations can be used to determine social and emotional skills. Self-reporting may even be used by older students. The Santa Monica assessment should gather a complete amount of information to paint a full picture of the student’s abilities and needs.

Legal Assistance in Determining the Results of Santa Monica Psychological Assessments

Results of Santa Monica Psychological Assessments are both subjective and objective. Standardized tests provide objective measurements of the child’s abilities. However, conclusions drawn from interviews, observations and even rating scales can be subjective in that the psychologist draws his own conclusions. In this way, very busy psychologists or those who have prior prejudices may not provide accurate pictures of students’ special education needs.

An attorney from Newman Aaronson Vanaman can help families who have concerns about psychological assessments. Whether parents feel that their child did not receive a proper assessment or are concerned as to why their child would need an assessment, we have the knowledge and resources to help. We can consult with families in our offices, represent families to the school district and help with other due process hearings if they are needed.

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