Santa Monica Rights of Children with Disabilities

Santa Monica rights of children with disabilities are strongly protected under both California and United States law. Because these children have so often been discriminated against in the past and because they often lack the ability to fight for their own rights, laws have been enacted to ensure that the civil rights and educational rights of these children are always defended.

At Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law, our special needs attorneys are dedicated to fighting for the rights of Santa Monica children with disabilities. With our years of experience and our extensive knowledge of past laws as well as current legislation, we can help families through nearly any type of legal conundrum with special education. Whether families need help with IEPs, are involved in due process or a fair hearing or need someone to fight for them in court, our attorneys can help.

Understanding the Rights of Santa Monica Children with Special Needs

One of the most important laws protecting the Santa Monica educational rights of children with disabilities is the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. This act provided defining legislation that has been built on throughout the years. It is the one with which families who have special needs children attending school will need to be most familiar. Under this act, called IDEA, students up to a certain age are entitled to receive a free public education in the least restrictive environment. These students need not be restricted in what they can learn or what classes they can attend. Instead, they should be placed in a public education environment that is best suited to their unique needs.

In addition, parents of these Santa Monica special needs children are also given several important rights. They have the right to attend Individualized Education Plan meetings and to take an active role in the formation of the IEP for the school year. They are allowed to request additional IEP meetings throughout the year to meet with teachers and school district officials to learn how their children are progressing. In addition, parents and guardians are entitled to receive written notifications of decisions made by the school district, and they have the ability to dispute these changes without it reflecting poorly on their children.

While these laws are put in place for good reasons, they can be difficult to understand. That is why we recommend working with a special needs attorney who can explain laws and how they affect each Santa Monica family.

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