Santa Monica Special Education Representation

Finding highly professional Santa Monica special education representation does not have to be hard when you turn to Newman Aaronson Vanaman. We have specialized in legal matters for special needs children since 1981 and have come to know the laws surrounding these matters quite intricately. Our clients know that they can trust us to fight for the needs and rights of their children whether it be at a school district office or in a courtroom. Our team of highly qualified attorneys and paralegals can cover every aspect of special education law and can serve clients of all genders, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Our clients find that our law offices are conveniently located near Santa Monica on Ventura Boulevard. We serve the Los Angeles metropolitan area and are able to meet with parents and educators in a wide array of school districts throughout the area, including Santa Monica. One of our main areas of expertise is in helping develop, implement and rework Individualized Educational Plans. According to California law, parents are allowed to bring an attorney or legal representative of their choosing to all IEP meetings. If our clients wish, we can be their spokesperson at the meetings, allowing them to be less emotionally invested in the process. This can ensure that they do not feel frustrated as they fight on behalf of their special needs children.

Representing Children with Special Needs in Santa Monica

Our Santa Monica legal representation can help children make it through the educational system from preschool through high school. We help create an educational environment that follows California law, specifically the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act. We work tirelessly with our clients and with educators to create a learning environment that is as unrestrictive as possible and that is individualized to the child’s needs. Should the need arise, we can also pursue legal concerns at a regional hearing or even in a courtroom should a dispute be unable to be settled at an IEP meeting in the school district office.

Our clients find that we are easy to work with and can provide as much or as little hands-on legal help as they request. We treat each client and special needs child as an individual to ensure that they receive the education that is appropriate for them in a free public education setting. Per California law, Santa Monica special needs children are entitled to free educational services through the age of 22.

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