Santa Monica Special Education Rules & Procedures

Santa Monica special education rules and procedures can get quite involved as you know if you look at the state of California Special Education Reference Manual. With dozens of subcategories covering education, employment, state programs, school bonds, finance, charter schools and special education programs, it can be difficult if not downright impossible to know what the state promises your child. Therefore, many parents are left in the dark and are left to muddle through these matters without any guidance.

However, we at Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law do not want you to feel as if you are fighting this battle alone. We are dedicated to helping you understand these Santa Monica special education rules and procedures and to helping you fight for your special need’s child’s rights as promised through these rules. We can work with you in our law office, we can attend court cases or fair hearings with you, or we can attend meetings with you at the local Santa Monica school district if you need help working on your child’s IEP.

Legal Considerations for Santa Monica Special Education

The main consideration that must first be made is whether or not your local school district is following the regulations put forth by the federally-regulated Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or IDEA. This act has several important policies beneath it. Most importantly, it includes stipulations that every special education child throughout the United States are required to have a free and appropriate public education. While you may still choose to homeschool your child or send your child to a private school, your child will never be denied access to a free education at your local Santa Monica public school. In addition, IDEA contains the stipulation that special education is to be the least restrictive education possible. This means that, whenever possible, special education students are to be educated with their peers in open and free classrooms.

While most of these Santa Monica special education rules and procedures sound quite obvious to you, education was not always done in this way. In decades past, special needs students were frequently denied an appropriate and free education due to their physical or mental conditions. Today, we can help you put these rules to work for you and your child to help your child receive the best education possible and to allow him or her to go on to lead a productive and vibrant adult life.

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