Sharing with Teachers

Starting the School Year Anxiety-Free | Los Angeles Special Education
Starting the School Year Anxiety-Free
August 15, 2018
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August 27, 2018

Sharing with Teachers

Sharing with Teachers | Los Angeles Individualized Special Education Plan

For great success during the school year, parents and guardians of school-age children must be sure to share certain aspects of their children’s personalities, growth, development, and skills with teachers. Not only will this help children acclimate better to the start of school, but also it will give teachers a chance to create the best learning environments for their students, including special education students.

Speech and Language Skills

Teachers need to know about any speech difficulties that students have. This will help them communicate better with the students and will eliminate frustration for both parties. A speech therapist can help provide parents and teachers with gestures and signs that the child uses to mean certain things. In addition, parents can provide teachers with a list of frequently used words and the sounds that the child uses for these words.

Social Skills

Social skills are quite important in school when special needs children will suddenly be surrounded by many new adults and peers. Teachers should know about any social problems that the child has in order to separate certain children. Moreover, teachers can use this knowledge to provide children with additional support at the beginning of the school year.

Personality Traits

A thorough meeting at the beginning of the school year will start a working relationship between parents and teachers who will be intricately involved in the child’s education. Parents should share personality traits as well as strengths and weaknesses with teachers to help them bring out the best in the child. Teachers will be able to use this information to provide positive feedback and reinforcement for the child during school.

Negative Behaviors

While parents most likely want to focus on only the positive aspects of their children, they need to be honest with teachers and therapists who are not familiar with the child so that children can receive the best care. When teachers know what to expect, they can implement the best strategies for educating and providing a wonderful school experience.

Adjusting to a new school year can be hard for both special needs students as well as their teachers. However, by being honest with teachers, parents can set up their children as well as teachers for success. For any additional help in getting the correct special education services for children, parents are encouraged to contact a professional special needs attorney from Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman.
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Starting the School Year Anxiety-Free