Tips for Working with Children with ADHD

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Tips for Working with Children with ADHD

Tips for Working with Children with ADHD | Los Angeles County Special Education

Parenting a child with ADHD can be difficult at best and exhausting on most days. These children are normally hyperactive and can have difficulty paying attention and sitting still. They can struggle at home if they do not have set boundaries and may easily destroy household items without constant guidance and supervision. At school, they may struggle to learn because they have trouble sitting still. Here are some suggestions for parents and teachers dealing wth this type of special needs child.

At School

While an ADHD student may not qualify for specialized learning experiences in school or for an IEP, he or she may be able to get some type of behavioral learning plan put into place. These children will need plenty of supervision in the classroom as they can quickly get off track and begin doing activities that are not appropriate at the time. Teachers should find ways to manage impulsive and distracted behavior. These children should be seated away from windows and doors but should be given plenty of times to get up from their chairs. Good behavior should be quickly rewarded, and even small milestones deserve acknowledgment.

At Home

Children with ADHD function best at home when they have concrete boundaries and schedules. Parents would do well to come up with daily routines that are easy to follow and should even consider writing the schedule in a place where the child can see it every day. Parents should watch these children closely at all times and should not let them go into unsupervised situations. They should be consistent with discipline but should always acknowledge and encourage positive behavior that they see.

While many children suffer from minor ADHD symptoms, some have severe learning disabilities in the school setting and require special education services. However, parents may find that it is difficult to gain approval for these services and to get an Individualized Educational Plan in place. When the school district is difficult to work with, parents will do well to find legal representation for special education. At Newman Aaronson Vanaman Attorneys at Law, we work with clients just like this to help them come to understandings with school districts and to get the special education services, such as one-on-one tutoring, that is needed for these children to thrive in their school experiences. Contact us today for special needs legal representation.