Top Signs That Your Child Needs Speech Therapy

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Top Signs That Your Child Needs Speech Therapy

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Speech therapy is a training program designed to help individuals speak more clearly. It may be used for toddlers to learn how to speak or for elementary-age children to learn how to form their sounds more accurately. This form of therapy is provided by a trained speech-language pathologist who will be able to assess your child, come up with a therapy plan and provide appropriate language intervention activities to help your child blossom in this area.

Although your doctor may recommend that your child visits with a speech-language pathologist if he is not meeting certain speech goals on time, you may notice some other problems that could hint at the need for this therapy as well. In particular, watch out for these top signs that may signal that your child needs some therapy.
  • Your 2-year-old cannot say any words or can say fewer than 50 words.
  • Your 3-year-old cannot say many consonant sounds.
  • You or other close family members cannot understand at least 75 percent of what your 3-year-old says.
  • Your 5-year-old child is not clear enough in his speech for most people to understand the majority of what he says.
  • Your child is being teased because of the way that he speaks.
  • Your child stutters.
  • Your child is struggling to read or write.
  • Your child has been diagnosed with certain problems that could affect speech, such as a brain disorder, autism, or other developmental delays.

If you notice any of these concerning signs, get your child scheduled for a speech evaluation as soon as possible. You may want to meet with your pediatrician first if your insurance plan requires that you be referred to a specialist in order to be covered. Your child may also need a hearing evaluation before going to a therapy consultation.

In many cases, approved speech therapy can be performed at your child’s school and paid for by the public school district. Although there may be some times when you would prefer that an independent professional handles this task, having your school district take care of it for you can save you thousands of dollars. Children who qualify for speech therapy may also qualify for other special education programs in the district. Contact a special needs attorney from Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law for more information about special education laws in the state of California.

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