Torrance Accommodations

Children who have IEPs are able to receive Torrance accommodations in school. These accommodations allow them to learn their material better, to understand presentations more easily, to do better on tests and to maintain proper attention while in class. Accommodations can be as unique as the student is. As long as curricula are not changed, these new ways of learning are called accommodations rather than modifications. Modifications most frequently keep students in special education classrooms while accommodations allow students to learn as much as possible with their peers. Parents who have been told that their children have been given Torrance accommodations should understand several key facts about them.

First, Torrance accommodations may be shown on the report card but not on the transcript. A report card is allowed to show that a child is receiving any type of special education, including accommodations or modifications. However, a transcript is disallowed by law from showing these items but should only show the final grades that a student received in each class. Therefore, students who are only receiving accommodations will fare quite well on their transcripts and often find it quite easy to get into college.

Second, accommodations can take many different forms. They may involve testing conditions, allowing students to take tests in different formats, to test at certain times of the day or to receive longer testing times. Torrance accommodations may also make changes to the school setting, allowing the student to sit in certain places in the classroom, receive more breaks during the day or have fidget tools. These students may also receive additional support from tutors who can help them learn the material.

Third, accommodations are designed to help students have the best possible footing for fabulously successful futures. They are not designed to hold a child back but instead are created to help them stay head-to-head with their peers. They do not affect grades negatively, but they do help students demonstrate their level of knowledge.

Finally, accommodations should not be confused with modifications. Modifications actually change the content that the students learn and lower the expectations for testing. Accommodations are seen to be far less restrictive than modifications are because modifications affect a child’s grade and keep them apart from their peers.

If you are having trouble getting the Torrance accommodations that your child needs to succeed in school, contact a special education attorney from Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman.

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