Torrance Children with Physical Disabilities

Torrance Children with Physical Disabilities are often forgotten in the hustle of daily life. However, their parents never forget about their unique needs and are often left fighting for their freedoms by themselves. At Newman Aaronson Vanaman, we believe in coming alongside these families, no matter what socioeconomic class they are in, and fighting for them in the school districts and the legal systems of our country.

Since 1981, our team of knowledgeable attorneys has specialized in special education law, fighting for families in and around Torrance, California. While we perform numerous aspects of special needs law, one of our main focuses is in the school districts where we have routinely found that special education students are not receiving the freedoms and learning environments that they require to succeed as adults. We work with school district administrators and teachers in non-threatening ways to create Individualized Educational Plans that will benefit our Torrance students over the long-term. Our attorneys can also work with school districts and families in transitional planning as the special needs child nears adulthood. Many high school students will have an idea of what they would like to do with their lives, and we aim to create a learning environment that will help them meet those goals whether they include college, an apprenticeship or immediate employment.

Assisting Torrance Families Provide Education for Children with Physical Disabilities

We can help with all other aspects of special needs law as well. For example, we help Torrance families set up conservatorships or trusts for their children with physical disabilities and help parents plan appropriately for what funds they will need to save for their children’ future welfare. Estate planning helps parents plan for the unknown and set up accounts for their children that will be protected from future legal battles. While it can be impossible to know exactly what kind of care each child will need and how much it will cost, we can help parents estimate this in a budget-friendly manner.

At Newman Aaronson Vanaman, our goal is to let Torrance children with physical disabilities know that they are not alone no matter their age. In elementary school, we fight for them to be in combined classrooms; in high school, we fight for appropriate transitional planning for adulthood. In young adulthood, we help to ensure that they are provided for throughout their lives. Torrance families looking for excellence in special education legal care can turn to our esteemed law firm.

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