Torrance Court Litigations

At Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law, we provide the best in legal services for our special education clients. Whether your family needs help working with an IEP or requires further help with Torrance court litigations, our friendly and knowledgeable professionals can help you every step of the way. We know how confusing a litigation case can become. That is why we believe you need a legal professional who has years of experience on your side fighting for you.

When Litigations in Torrance Courts Become Necessary

Torrance court litigation for special needs matters is generally used to solve a dispute between the child or family and the school district although it can be used against other people or entities as well, such as medical professionals, tutors or even companies who have wronged you. If you are the plaintiff, you want to have us on your side so that we can explain the process to you, help you fill out the necessary court paperwork and give you steps to prepare for your court case. Plus, we will be with you in court as well so that you will not have the stress of fighting against a well-prepared defendant hanging over your head.

A Torrance court litigation case may be resolved in several ways. The defendant and the plaintiff may come to an agreement on their own, or the court may be called on to award damages to the plaintiff. At the conclusion of the case, the defendant may have to perform a certain task, award compensation to the plaintiff or follow through on the contract or on the word that they gave.

Representing the Rights of Children with Special Needs

Of course, special needs individuals living in Torrance have numerous rights, which are protected by state and federal law. Our attorneys know each of these laws thoroughly and also keep up with other special needs legal battles fought across the United States so that we can search for precedents for your case. Our goal is to make the law clear to you and to the rest of those individuals who are in the courtroom and to ensure that you or your child’s rights are upheld.

Torrance court litigation can eat up a great deal of time and can cause your head to spin with its confusing paperwork and court processes. However, with one of our special needs attorneys on your side, you can be prepared for whatever happens and can enjoy polished, professional legal service.

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