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Every family needs to consider how it will be prepared financially and medically. This is particularly important for families with special needs children because old age for parents can bring about many uncomfortable changes for the children. For example, Torrance special needs children who are adults may be unable to care for themselves physically, attend medical appointments by themselves, maintain a bank account or hold down a job without help. Instead, they may depend upon their parents to provide them with money, physical help, and financial assistance. If the parents become too old to provide some of this help or pass away unexpectedly, these special needs children may be left in the hands of the government. Instead, parents need to plan for the unexpected as well as for the inevitable with a complete, thorough estate plan.

Legal Representation Through Torrance Estate Planning for Special Needs Children

Torrance Estate Planning can help provide for all of these concerns by providing a last will and testament for parents as well as by setting up guardianships or conservatorships for minor children or for adult special needs children who require this service. When estate planning is not completed properly, these children may find themselves at the mercy of the courts who will denote a court-appointed individual to serve as guardian or conservator. The thorough estate plan in Torrance will also take the liquid and material assets of the parents into consideration, ensuring that they are allocated in such a way as to protect the governmental benefits that the special needs child may already be receiving.

Some Torrance parents may want to do estate planning on their own by using simple online paperwork. However, not all of this paperwork may hold up in court, and children may still find themselves at the mercy of the courts. Online tools such as this are not always complete and do not always take special circumstances into account.

Instead, Torrance legal representation is the way to go. An attorney specializing in special needs law will be able to provide estate planning services and can even help with court matters that may be too trying for parents to go through on their own. Newman Aaronson Vanaman is a premiere special needs legal representation firm providing attorneys throughout Torrance and the surrounding areas. For 30 years, we have fought for special needs freedoms for children from infancy to adulthood and have supported the parents and guardians who work behind the scenes.

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