Torrance Learning Disability

Torrance learning disabilities come in all shapes and sizes, but they do not have to be debilitating to the child trying to make his or her way through school. Instead, with the proper help and guidance, these children can succeed just as much as their peers can and can grow into happy and successful adults who get to do exactly what they want for a job. A learning disability does not have to stop this child’s academic growth but can instead be seen as a hurdle that can be crossed, and that can be used to strengthen the child for what lies ahead of him or her.

Legal Representation for Torrance Children with Special Needs

In Torrance, the public school district is required by federal and state law to provide these children with a free and appropriate public education that best meets their needs as long as the child has successfully completed an evaluation with the school and has been shown to have a learning disability. Once this determination is made, the school district must complete an IEP. This is not a one-sided document but is a way for a number of parties to work together for the good of the child. An IEP is an Individualized Education Plan. A variety of goals are listed inside it along with ways to measure the goals. Throughout the year, parents and teachers should be constantly looking to the IEP to ensure that the child is adequately meeting goals and that the goals are neither too hard nor too simple for the child.

Special services may also be a part of an IEP for a Torrance child diagnosed with a learning disability. These services could include special transportation, schoolroom modifications for the best learning environment, speech therapy, tutoring or a variety of other services that are provided at no extra charge to the family through the district. Of course, many families choose to continue to use outside services along with these district-provided services for the most well-rounded path for their children.

At Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman, our attorneys only work with special education and special needs cases every day. Therefore, we are primed to help families who have questions about education for children with learning disabilities. We serve families living in and around Torrance in a variety of matters. We can attend district IEP meetings for the family, can request fair hearings and can even represent families in court when necessary.

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