Torrance Legal Conservatorships

Torrance Legal Conservatorships can help special needs adults to live safely and securely without fear of financial distress. A conservator should not be confused with a guardian. While many special needs clients appoint the same person to be the guardian as well as conservator, some clients choose two different people for these tasks. In addition, while family members are the most obvious choices, some clients prefer or need to pick a non-family member for certain reasons, such as a death in the family or family drama.

How to Setup a Legal Conservatorship in Torrance

Both Torrance Legal Conservatorships and Guardianships are set by the judicial system in a courtroom. Therefore, they both require filing of legal paperwork with the courts system as well as court appearances. The legal system does allow individuals to go about this process by themselves. However, it provides much more peace of mind for those who use a special needs attorney during the process.

Setting up a relationship with an attorney from Newman Aaronson Vanaman, which serves Torrance and the surrounding area, can aid in this and many other legal processes throughout the years. Our attorneys and paralegals have helped with everything from Individualized Educational Plans and public school freedoms for special education students to guardianships and trusts. We will walk families through this entire process, including filling out and filing the paperwork, attending courtroom appearances and following up should there be unwanted decisions made.

The Responsibilities of Torrance Conservators

The person chosen as conservator will be mainly required to deal with financial affairs rather than with decisions involving daily life, such as where the person will live, what type of medical care they will receive and what therapies they will attend. These other tasks are relegated to the guardian. Some clients require only a conservator and not a guardian if they are able to make decisions regarding daily life by themselves. The conservator will help with regular banking, paying bills, investing money, purchasing and maintaining insurance and setting up new financial accounts.

A Torrance conservator is a vital person for any special needs adult to have if they have trouble managing their own finances. While this may seem like a confusing process that one would rather put off, our attorneys recommend starting the process as soon as possible. Not only will this get the ball rolling, but it can also take a great deal of the stress and strain of the process off of the family, giving them peace of mind.

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