Torrance Psychological Assessments

Torrance Psychological Assessments are performed for the betterment of the student as well as for the help of the special education teacher. Before a student can be approved for special education services, he or she must go through a psychological assessment that shows that these services are indeed required. This assessment will show what type of mental, emotional or academic issues the student has that require specialty care, such as one-on-one tutoring or a separate classroom.

The day of the Torrance Psychological Assessment, the child may feel nervous and unsure of what to expect. Parents should take the time prior to the assessment to assure the child that there is nothing to fear and that it is not a physical assessment where they will be poked with needles or need to take medicine. Instead, depending on the age of the child, it will be a time to play games, do puzzles and answer questions similar to what happens during school. Normally, the younger the child is, the more games he or she will play. This playtime will give the assessor a chance to interact with the child and to observe them in a natural situation. Parents should be sure to send their children with any assistive devices that they normally use on the day of the assessment.

Assisting Torrance Children through the Psychological Assessments Process

Most Torrance Psychological Assessments are done in the school. This allows the child to be somewhere comfortable with him or her. The assessor is usually a school psychologist or psychiatrist who has performed many of these assessments and knows just how to treat children to make them feel at ease.

After the assessment, parents may be able to speak to the psychologist if there is enough time. They will also be given a report either on the same day or within a few days. They should be given a chance to speak in person with the psychologist to share any concerns that they have.

Normally, the biggest problem that arises with Torrance Psychological Assessments is that there is not enough time to perform them properly. School psychologists are often overworked and have too much on their plates to allow them to spend enough time with each child referred to them. This can leave parents and students feeling lost and overlooked. At Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman, we specialize in helping families of special needs students deal with these issues in a safe and friendly environment.

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