Torrance Respite Care

Torrance respite care is an excellent option for caregivers who are feeling overwhelmed with the burden of caring for their special needs charges or for those who need a brief period every day or every week to care for their own needs. Some special needs individuals require a great deal of physical and mental care every day. Some cannot feed, bathe or dress themselves while others struggle with emotional and behavioral problems that require a great deal of daily guidance and redirection. Over time, this can take an extreme toll on even the most dedicated caregivers. Torrance respite care may be the answer to giving both the special needs individual and the caregiver the rest and care that they need.

  • First, caregivers must decide what type of respite care would be best for their needs. They can typically choose from a short-term stay in a residential facility, a day program most days of the week or an in-home caregiver who comes one or more days per week. Caregivers should consider which style of respite care would work best for their charges.
  • Second, caregivers should interview or visit respite care providers to feel more comfortable with their ultimate choice. While there are many reputable respite care centers in Torrance, there are also some that may not be the best fit based on the personalities of the caregivers or on the style or atmosphere of the facility. Caregivers should check into menus, activities, number of caregivers present and the type of care that is given.
  • Third, caregivers should consider how to pay for the respite care. Some programs may be quite costly, but there are often ways to offset the costs. Caregivers can check into waivers and into state-based programs that help to cover some of the costs of the care with grants. In addition, military families can often find discounts. Occasionally, programs offer payment plans or discounts for cash payments.

No one should feel bad about saying they need to use Torrance respite care. These services are provided by knowledgeable caregivers who can take over for parents and guardians when they are feeling tired or overwhelmed. This can give them an occasional break from the mundane or a chance to catch up on those things that are also important to them. Torrance caregivers will find that they are then happier and are better able to provide excellent care from the heart.

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