Torrance Rights of Children with Disabilities

Special needs children living in Torrance most often attend public schools because most private schools do not have the services that these children need to succeed. However, even some public schools deny necessary services or refuse to make accommodations for these children because they are unable or unwilling to make changes. Other children are denied Individualized Education Plans despite independent evaluations that show that IEPs are necessary. Some families even have problems working with the school district to craft IEPs for the school year. Our special education attorneys are specially prepared for working with families going through any of these situations. We are well-versed in special education law and also understand the medical and psychiatric details that go into making these important decisions in the Torrance school district.

Many parents feel as if they do not have the ability to advocate for their children properly. They may not understand what rights their children have in Torrance or what the school district is required to provide. Other parents feel burned out from their constant battles with the school district, or they may constantly be fighting to get any special services whatsoever. This constant sense of stress can harm an adult’s health while also slowly destroying the relationship that the parent has with his or her child.

Professional Representation for Torrance Families

When our attorneys step into the role of advocate, we can take this burden from a parent’s shoulders and can take care of the paperwork, work with school district officials and even represent the child at fair hearings or in a courtroom if necessary. Our goal is always to protect the Torrance rights of children with disabilities so that these children can receive free and appropriate public educations with the special services that will best help them succeed in school.

A great education now will set a child up for great success later in life. By helping you advocate for your child today, we know that we can help you in crafting a beautiful future for your child. We also know that we have the law on our side. Both the United States and California have several laws in place protecting the Torrance rights of children with disabilities. Therefore, our knowledge of the law, our understanding of current special education legal battles, our many years of experience, and our underlying compassion in all we do make us the best choice for your family.

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