Torrance Special Education Legal Representation

Special needs children and teenagers in Los Angeles County often feel that they are alone in their quest for excellent education and support systems. However, Newman Aaronson Vanaman, a Special Education Law Firm serving Torrance and many surrounding communities, is working to change this perception by using compassionate law, helping in the heart of the school districts and providing legal defense in the courts system when necessary. Our law firm has been serving the entire Los Angeles area since 1981, and we have proven our heart for our clients throughout our history.

Providing Experienced Legal Representation in Torrance

We have numerous attorneys and paralegals who serve Torrance. Many of them specialize in certain types of law, and most of them have been trained to understand medical and psychological reports, allowing us to better represent our clients. We also stay on top of the latest legal research, trends, and judgments, giving us an edge when it comes to winning cases.

We work tirelessly throughout Torrance and the surrounding areas to win justice and fair special education for our clients. One of the main jobs that we take on is helping parents get fair and accurate Individualized Educational Plans for their special needs children. We can provide guidance in our law offices and can attend school district meetings with parents. Whether our clients want us to be along for support, or they prefer us to handle the entire meeting with the school district officers and teachers, we can provide the level of legal representation that is right for each family.

Well-Being of Children in Torrance

Many of those who work in the California school districts really have the wellbeing and success of their students at heart. However, legal red tape and confusing laws sometimes make it difficult for parents of special needs children in Torrance to get the help for their children that is required. They may feel that their children need more one-on-one care in the school district or that the environment is very restricted from other students. It is our job to ensure that the school district creates a reasonable IEP that provides the highest quality of education in the least restrictive environment.

Parents of special education students in Torrance no longer have to feel as if they are fighting for the rights of their children by themselves. Attorneys and ancillary staff at Newman Aaronson Vanaman Law Firm can step alongside parents, providing compassionate, knowledgeable and trustworthy help.

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