Torrance Special Education Rules & Procedures

By using Torrance special education rules and procedures, families and educators can help special needs children have great educations that adequately prepare them for the future. Whether the child goes on to a job or to college, he or she should have the knowledge and social and emotional strength to do something great. These rules and procedures are in place to ensure that special needs families get the support they need from their communities and from their local school districts.

  • First, these rules discuss who is eligible for special education in the state. Children should have a specific physical, mental or emotional disability that impacts their ability to learn in a traditional classroom. In short, the child should need specialized educational services in order to learn at his or her best level. Developmental delays, autism, and visual or audiological impairments could also be included. In general, students should be between the ages of 5 and 18 although special education may continue to the age of 22 if the individual has not yet graduated from high school.
  • Second, Torrance special education rules delineate what is to used to determine special education eligibility. Eligibility is determined by a ruling from an interdisciplinary team that will look at all aspects of the child. Grades may be a part of this, but a psychological assessment is also typically done.
  • Third, these rules describe how an appropriate educational program should look. The program should be provided free through the state and should have a specially-designed curriculum. In addition, goals must be made regularly and should be measured frequently.
  • Fourth, Torrance special education rules and procedures help to determine how the learning environment should look. The environment should be as minimally restrictive as possible. Sometimes, special education students may be able to learn with their peers with only small adjustments made in the classroom setting.
Of course, this is just a brief look at some of the main items that are covered by Torrance special education rules and procedures. There are many more rules and thousands of intricacies that are a part of each rule. Because these can be so confusing for parents to understand, we recommend that you contact a special education attorney from Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman who will be able to explain these procedures to you and who will be able to fight for the education that your child is required by law to have.

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