Why Is My Child Not Progressing in School?

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October 26, 2019
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November 16, 2019

Why Is My Child Not Progressing in School?

Why Is My Child Not Progressing in School? | LA Special Education

However, in some cases, you may still need to be intricately involved in the educational process to ensure that your child is getting the help he needs. If you feel that your child is not progressing as well as he could be in your local public school, there could be four main reasons to blame. Consider these helpful hints, and see whether a discussion with his teacher could help.

He May Need More One-on-One Help

Your first consideration should be whether your child needs a little extra personalized help. If he is in the general classroom, he could be falling through the cracks, and the teacher may not even realize that he is struggling. Sometimes, a little one-on-one help at home with you may be all he needs. Other times, a tutor from the school district can help.

He May Need Revised IEP Goals

If your child is truly struggling, his IEP goals may be too advanced for his skill level. While an IEP should set goals that are a bit challenging and that cause your child to rise to the occasion, goals that are too difficult can lead to discouragement and burnout.

He May Need Special Accommodations

Your child may know the material but struggle with tests or do well with homework but struggle in school. Problems that are similar to these could demonstrate the need for special accommodations, such as oral testing or special seating, that allow your child to continue learning with his peers.

He May Need Some Extra Encouragement

Sometimes, all that a child needs is a bit of encouragement. A lunch date with a loving parent or a smile and congratulatory note can boost the spirits and cause him to push forward with school. Choose those words, activities, or items that are most encouraging to your child.

In most cases, your local school district should be more than happy to work with you and your child. As the parent, you have a birds-eye view of how your child is doing. Be sure to speak up if you notice anything that concerns you and if you have any ideas that could help your child’s teachers.